What is Two-Way-Voice Alarm Monitoring?

Two-way-voice communication is the most recent state of the art technology that is designed to give the end-user hands-free ability to communicate with the alarm monitoring center from up to 75 feet away. Alarm monitoring has been around for a long time and quite frankly having the most basic type of alarm monitoring is far better than having no monitoring at all. On a typical digitally monitored security system when there is an alarm event, there is a signal that is sent to one of ADT’s 5 monitoring centers via a phone line. ADT would respond by calling the premises to verify if it is in fact an emergency or a false alarm. As you could imagine, if an intruder entered your home and the alarm system sounded there is a very good chance when the phone rings you are not going to answer it. Although it is not a tremendous amount of time, it is response time lost.

With the Two-Way-Voice technology when an alarm sounds or a panic button is activated, ADT will instantly communicate with you or your family via the hands-free Two-Way Voice keypads and personal alarm device. Having the ability to communicate hands-free can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a medical emergency or a violent home invasion. Having the ability to have ADT to listen to the event also eliminates false alarms and increases the response time from the emergency authorities.

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