Summer Safety Tips

The summertime is one of the best seasons to enjoy your home. But as the temperature rises, so does the occurrence of home burglaries. By keeping a few basic summer safety tips in mind this season, you can reduce the chance of having a burglary or an accident get in the way of your summer plans.

Opening the windows in your home to enjoy the fresh, warm air is great as long as you are in the house. Before going anywhere, it is important that you close and lock all windows, doors, and patio entrances to reduce the chance of inviting a thief to walk right into your home.

If you are home and have the windows open, be sure that all the window screens are properly attached and still in good condition. Also, keep in mind that no screens are strong enough to prevent a child from falling from a window. If you have small children at home or tend to throw summer gatherings where guests might bring their children, remove any furniture away from the windows to prevent children from climbing too close. In addition, backyard parties can create a lot of traffic in and out of the house, so be sure to close doors completely to keep small children from wondering outside.

Weekend getaways during the summertime mean many homes are left empty. Creating the illusion that you are home, however, greatly reduces the chance that a thief will target your house. Before leaving for a trip, turn on an inside or outside light near your front and back door. To save on your energy bills, set the light to a timer so that it shuts of during the day and turns back on at dusk. Not only is this more economical, it also gives the appearance that someone is coming and going. Another simple and effective way to make it seem like the house is occupied is by playing a radio inside the house while you are away. This noise, especially recorded household sounds, like a dog barking or a person laughing, make it seem like your family is still home.

The task of hiring a new lawn care service or pool attendant in the summer can be daunting. While letting these people onto your property can feel risky, there are ways to ensure you find the best help available. First, ask your neighbors who they use. Getting recommendations from people you are already familiar with is the best way to assess new services. Plus, you can observe the quality of their work first-hand. Secondly, be sure to ask if the workers have insurance in case an injury occurs on your property. Also, have an agreement in writing as to what is going to be done at what cost to avoid any misunderstanding later on. Lastly, it is a good idea to be home the first few times new workers come to your home. This way, you can decide for yourself if you trust them at your home.

If you decide to do your home’s summer upkeep yourself there are several important things to remember about insect sprays, fertilizers, pool chemicals and the other harsh products that are used during summer months. Be certain to read the labels on products before using them around your home. Protective gear such as goggles and gloves should be worn when using these dangerous items. Also, after each use make sure that you store them in a clean and dry place out of reach from children and animals.
Remembering these simple precautions can protect your family and home, as well as, your fun summer plans!

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