Summer Safety Tips for In-Ground Pools

With the warm weather upon us, and summer only a month away, families with pools are likely dusting off the residual winter debris and preparing for endless outdoor pleasure. While cleanliness is a necessary step to happy summer swimming, an equally if not more important consideration is to review a few pool safety tips. This measure is vital to ensuring protection and delight for loved ones and friends alike.

In-ground swimming pools are fun! Years ago, only the well-to-do reveled in such luxury. Illustrations of ancient Roman rulers leisurely snacking on succulent grapes while basking in liquid bliss swirl in magazines images. Today, however, one need be neither a ruler nor wealthy to partake in this form of outdoor recreation. Yet, every pool owner should properly prepare for the season.

A significant factor in pool safety is a pool barrier: if you do not have one, get one; if you have one, make sure it is functioning properly. Small children can slip under, over, or through, some types of barriers, so it is important to make certain a correct barrier is installed. The list below outlines a few barrier choices.

Solid Barrier: This type of barrier has no openings except at the masonry joints. A brick fence is an example of a solid barrier.

Barrier Fence: A Barrier Fence resembles a white picket fence. The horizontal boards should not exceed 1 ¾ inches. If there are ornamental cut-outs, they should not exceed 1 ¾ inches, either.

Chain Link Fence: A Chain Link Fence appears to be metal cross-work. The opening slats should not be more than 1 ¼” opening.

Latticework Fence: This type of fence looks like crossed wood and should not exceed 1 ¾ inches in the openings.

NOTE: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has specific information on barrier guidelines; this report is available online.

Other pool safety considerations could actually be inside the home. If your house has a sliding door that leads to the pool, it is actually part of the barrier. The door should be equipped with a loud-sounding alarm. If the door opens unexpectedly, adults in the home will be alerted. Alarms can ward off disaster!

Once enjoying your pool, common sense should rule. It is extremely important that at least one adult remain watchful while young children are in or near the water. Guardians could become distracted while chatting on the phone or reveling in the sun, but distractions might result in tragedy. To prevent this from happening, remain alert.

Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment! Adhering to simple rules will reap big rewards in your summer pleasure.

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