Simon XT Wireless Security System Overview

The Simon XT Wireless Security System is a product of General Electric.  The Simon XT replaces the older Simon 3 home security system, which has now been discontinued, and features several significant upgrades over its predecessor.

The Simon XT Security System is a full-featured home security solution representing the latest in home security technology, yet is easily installed and is priced significantly less than similar home security systems costing hundreds of dollars more. Wireless alarm capability means that the user will not need to run unsightly wires to detectors and sensors in and around the home.

Simon XT Features

GE’s Simon XT Security System offers numerous improvements over the old Simon 3 system, which include the following:

  • Support for 40 Wireless Zones
  • Large backlit alpha-numeric LCD display with customizable text
  • Simple menu-driven settings for timers, latchkey, and pass code options
  • High-decibel siren
  • Backup power supply
  • User-friendly arm, disarm, and status buttons
  • Emergency fast-action keys
  • Microphone for emergency two-way communication
  • Speaker for voice audio status messages, prompts and live communication
  • Fully programmable and configurable “voice chimes”
  • One-touch silence and sensor bypass buttons
  • 100-event buffer with time and date stamp

(See Simon XT Manual for Full Features List)

All functions can be controlled by a small key-fob remote mechanism.

Simon XT Connectivity

One of the most advanced features of the Simon XT Security System is an integrated voice dialer that is capable of connecting to the user’s home telephone connection and calling in alerts to any telephone number in the world. This feature, which is usually an expensive option, is standard on the XT. These connectivity and communication features go far beyond standard telephone lines, however. The Simon XT Security System is one of the first such systems to have online Internet capability. This means that users can receive notifications not only by phone, but via e-mail. A sophisticated camera system also allows users to monitor events at home from any computer monitor connected to the World Wide Web. Of course, all control functions can be accessed online as well; this capability makes the Simon XT exceptionally useful for those who which to monitor conditions at any second homes or rental properties they may own.

Simon XT Complete Package

The Simon XT Security System comes with everything you need in order to be up and running within minutes. In addition to the control panel, the system comes with its own power supply, telephone jack and flat cord and a rechargeable 24-hour backup battery in case of power failure.

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