Home Security Systems: Flood Sensor Monitoring

Although disasters such as home fire and earthquake get far more media attention, the fact is that flooding is far more common and does substantially more damage – with effects that can last for months, if not years. A security system with a flood sensor can’t stop a flood, but it can alert you when water enters you home. This can help you limit the damage to your home. The sooner you can move valuables to higher ground, and start pumping the water out the less damage you will receive.

People living in low-lying areas such as the Gulf Coast or along the Mississippi River bottoms have discovered this the hard way. However, such flooding is not confined to areas around rivers, lakes and seacoast. Virtually anyone in North America can be a flood victim – and it doesn’t take a great deal of water to cause a substantial amount of damage. According to National Flood Insurance Program, no more than 1 inch of water is all it takes to cause major property damage.  Flood waters only two feet deep can carry off an automobile.

Tragically, a great deal of flood danger is caused by irresponsible development by greedy corporations that want to throw up housing developments in the most unlikely places, simply to turn fast profits. Compounding the tragedy is the fact that these homes are usually cheaply built and easily damaged – and then, homeowners find they are not even covered when they attempt to file a claim.

When it comes to flood danger, forewarned is forearmed.  Just as your home has fire and intruder alert systems installed, so too should it have a flood alert system. Several reputable companies offer flood warning stations and systems for residential use that monitor factors such as precipitation, water levels for your area,  wind speed and direction, relative humidity, temperature and even moisture levels in the soil – all of which can significantly affect the amount of damage your home is liable to suffer.

Most of these systems can be customized for different geographical regions, networked to National Weather Service bureaus such as NOAA over the World Wide Web, and use the latest communication technologies to keep you and your family informed about flood dangers, allowing you to take preventive steps – or if necessary, evacuate ahead of the rush.

When looking into a home security system with flood sensors, be certain that such a system can be combined with resources from local and federal government agencies, allowing you to access up-tyo-the-minute data via satellite and other sources.

Investment in a home security system with flood sensors for your home is as important as having smoke and fire alarms and intruder protection, regardless of where you live in the U.S.

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