Home Security During a Recession

Economy Down, Crime Rates Up

Throughout history a pattern has developed in our country: when the economy is down, crime rates go up. Particularly, the crimes related to home security seem to increase the most. Theft, burglary and robbery become progressively more tempting as more people lose their jobs and need to make ends meet. Local governments need to cut back on costs eliminating police patrols and other security features, and business owners may be more lenient on security features to save a little money. This is the time to install a home security system if you haven’t already-why put your family’s well being at risk in this already tumultuous time?

A security system should include these features to decrease the chances of property crime:

  • Digital Keypad: Contacts the Fire Department, Paramedics, and Police Department with one button.
  • Loud Home Burglar Alarm Siren
  • Backup Power Supply: Your home security system will continue to monitor your property even if the power goes out.
  • Home Security Signs and Stickers

Consider these other home security system features that add to your protection, despite the state of the economy:

  • Fire Monitoring: Smoke detectors and automatic Fire Department alerts.
  • Wireless Door Sensors: Alerts to any entrance of the home.
  • Flood Detection: Sensors can notify the security provider of rising water in the home whether it’s from a broken pipe, an overflowing washer or external source.
  • Motion Detectors for Interior Protection of Your Home: Notifies you of any suspicious motion, yet is smart enough to ignore motion from pets or children under 50 pounds.
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring: Protects against poisoning from the deadly gas.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Key chain Control: Turn your home alarm system on or off easily from car, house, or yard.

While budgets may be tight, investing in a home security system is a sound way to spend your paycheck. Additional protection for your home and belongings may be the crucial factor in keeping your family afloat in the economical downturn.

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