Home Security Companies

Once you’ve got a Home Security System installed, it is likely that you want someone to monitor the home alarm for you remotely. Remote home alarm monitoring is a process that can get complicated in the details, but the basic idea is straightforward: a Home Security Company monitors the signals sent out by your Home Alarm System, and either calls emergency services or sends out their own private security team if the alarm is triggered. Home Security Companies can also provide a wide range of additional Home Alarm Monitoring services on top of this basic service. Home Security Companies that sell home alarm systems and also provide a home alarm monitoring service and can offer a discount on the combined service.

Choosing a Home Security Company to monitor your home alarm system is a balance of costs and benefits. There are deals to be found, but for the most part, the more you pay, the more service there is. There are Home Security Companies that have rates as low as $9 a month, for an extremely basic level of service (basically, they will call 911 for you if the alarm is triggered). Companies with packages in the $20 to $40 a month range tend to provide additional services, like professional installers who come out and get your system in sync with their residential alarm monitoring service, offer multiple alert levels for your home alarm system. For example, your service can be set up so that a window sensor being burglarized only triggers an alert e-mail that is sent to your personal address. No emergency services are alerted and no help will be coming.

Having your home alarm system monitored is definitely a good investment. Most home insurance policies offer discounts for as much as 20% if you have a quality home security system with professional installation and home alarm monitoring. Be sure to inquire with your home insurance agent before selecting a provider, to make sure that the home security system and home alarm monitoring service you are buying are going to work for your insurance company. Reputable Home Security Companies will be glad to help you with that process.

In addition to the financial benefit, a home alarm monitoring service represents a definite upgrade in the security level of your home. A home alarm system by itself is helpful but it still leaves you up against burglars or who-knows-what once the alarm has gone off. The peace of mind in knowing that an effective and rapid response is just a signal away is very reassuring and very comforting for you and your family. The cost is moderate and the security benefit very high; it is definitely a worthwhile idea.


  1. Wow…I didn’t realize that you could save that much on your home insurance. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t everyone get at least some basic home security. The cost is almost negligent considering what you save off the home insurance. Very interesting article. Keep them coming!

  2. This article has convinced me of the benefits now I just need to know which home security company to choose. ADT is a big one but what are differences between ADT and Brinks for example? Perhaps you can do a follow up post on the differences between the top home security companies out there.