Home Security: Common Mistakes

Everyone worries about the safety and security of their family, home, belongings, and property. Yet, most people live day to day committing some very common home security mistakes that can put their most valued possessions at risk. With minor changes to your behavior and a few added precautions, the likelihood of a home security issue is lowered. Avoid these common home security mistakes to enjoy a more worry-free life!

  • Hidden Keys-Do not leave a key hidden somewhere on the property. Burglars know all the common hiding places and will definitely look in these places for the easiest entry into their target home. If you frequently lose your keys consider carrying a copy of your house key in your wallet or give it to a trusted neighbor.
  • Unprotected Valuables-Install a safe somewhere in the home. Place valuables in the safe while at work, on vacation, or when others like a cleaning service will be in the home while you are away.
  • Neglected Locks- If a faulty lock is found on a door or window of your property, fix it that day! Putting it off until another time only allows more opportunity for burglars and thieves to break into your home.
  • Allowing strangers into the home- Never answer the door without proof of the individual’s identity. Some burglars claim they are working for the local government surveying the land, are an electrician, or are some other occupation they believe will allow them entry into the home. Before opening the door to your home, ensure the individual is in uniform, is driving a company vehicle, and has valid identification. If you are still unsure of their authentication, do not be afraid to call the company and validate that individual is indeed an employee and scheduled to be at your home.
  • Forgoing Landscaping- Do not allow your yard to become overgrown. An uncut lawn clues burglars into that your home may be left empty for periods of time, and thus an opportunity to break in. Large bushes and shrubbery also aid burglars with hiding places while lurking around the property, ensure the plants do not block windows and doors for added home security. Installing outdoor motion-detecting lights can further deter any attempts of property crime.
  • Lack of Yard Security-Your backyard shed should be as protected as your home, with a modern lock and motion-detection lights. If the shed is left unlocked, not only can burglars steal expensive items like lawn mowers, but they also have access to tools and ladders that can help them break into your home. Of course for similar reasons, do not leave any of these items laying in the yard overnight.
  • Forgetting to test the home security system- Test your alarm on a regular basis and maintain relationships with your home security provider for updates in technology and new advances that can improve your safety and security.

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