General Electric – Company Overview

General Electric was the outgrowth of Thomas Edison and his work on the first incandescent light bulb. Edison opened his first electronics laboratory in Menlo Park Jersey in 1876; fourteen years later, he incorporated his various enterprises as the Edison General Electric Company. GE in its present form dates from 1892, when financier J.P. Morgan arranged a merger between Edison’s company and its primary rival, the Thomas-Houston Electric Company. Over the subsequent decades, GE acquired, merged with and/or formed several other companies, including RCA in 1919 – which was largely responsible for the growth of the radio industry. GE was also one of the early players in the computer industry, though this division was sold to Honeywell in 1970.

Today, among other operations, GE now controls a major media outlet (NBC Universal) an aerospace defense company and three financial services subsidiaries (which now actually account for over half GE’s revenues) and of course, a home and business security manufacturing and service division.

There have been nothing but accolades from satisfied consumers for its home security products, which most consumers agree are of superior quality. The company offers wireless systems that are easy for the customer to install, use and maintain while providing some of the most detailed intruder detection in the business.  Reports provide indications of whether or not there was a real break-in, and even if such a break-in was unsuccessfully attempted.

GE home security service providers offer several different contact numbers for consumers should an intrusion or other emergency occur. GE monitoring personnel assume responsibility for contacting local emergency services as required – which is no bad thing for consumers attempting to function under the stress of such a situation.

GE also provides better technical support than many other companies in the industry; again, most consumers have offered nothing but praise in this regard.

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