GE Concord Express™ Security System Overview


(See GE Concord Express Owners Manual for Full Features List)

Whether you are building your dream home or retrofitting an older home with a home security system, the Concord ExpressTM by General Electric is one of the most affordable and user-friendly home security systems available when it comes to intruder alert as well as fire protection.

GE Concord ExpressTM Features

Concord ExpressTM integrates hardwired and wireless security devices across as many as 24 zones. Six of these zones are hardwired, and the simple installation allows the user to set up one of these as a double-wired smoke detector loop, capable of handling up to ten detectors. In addition, the Concord ExpressTM features an integrated radio receiver that is capable of handling up to 16 wireless zone; this permits easy expansion of your system with GE’s proprietary LearnModeTM sensors as well as the use of remote keychain touchpads. This LearnMode technology is used to encrypt all remote touchpad transmissions, protecting your alarm codes from would-be thieves who may be using nearby cell phones to eavesdrop.

Finally, two programmable built-in output devices can be set up to activate external devices such as lights should a system event occur.

If you need more than 24 zones of security, the GE SnapCardTM allows you to expand your hardwire zones by as many as six, plus two double-wired smoke detection loops. These cards are easily connected to the system circuit board, and can be expanded even further with the SuperBus 2000 8Z input module, making for a total of 38 zones.

GE Concord ExpressTM Remote & Multiuser Access

The Concord ExpressTM allows for up to 16 user-programmable codes so that everyone in the household can have their own level of access privileges. On-site programming is fast and easily accomplished using standard alphanumeric touch keypads that can be used to access a menu-driven interface. Should you need to do remote programming, GE Security’s ToolBox® downloader software can be installed on any PC, enabling the user to enter code safely and securely over the World Wide Web – one of the most recent and most exciting developments in home security system technology.

GE Concord ExpressTM Price is Affordable

With prices starting as low as $120, the Concord ExpressTM by General Electric represents a small investment in peace of mind for you and your family, monitoring your home 24/7 for intruders, fire danger and even environmental damage.  Its powerful range of high-tech features give the Concord ExpressTM the most “bang for the buck” of any other home security system in its class.

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