DSC Power 832 Security System Overview

powerdsc832The DSC Power 832 is an attractively priced home security system that includes a fixed icon LCD keypad as well as the DSC Bravo III digital motion detector and a single wall-mounted siren. There are four different keypads that can be used with the DSC Power 832, and the security system can be expanded from eight to as many as 32 zones. There are up to four high current outputs as well as a fully supervised output dedicated to the siren.

Communications capabilities include support for all formats including SIA and Contact ID as well as LINKS Cellular communication. The unit provides event initiated personal paging for those times that you are away from home; three telephone numbers and two account numbers can be stored. In addition, the DSC Power 832 supports central station two-way voice communication over a home intercom system.

The DSC Power 832 has received some mixed reviews from consumers. While many praise it’s low lost (around $170 MRSP) and its “sleek” appearance that blends in well with modern décor, many users complain about its relatively low level of user-friendliness. According to some homeowners who have purchased this particular model, learning how to program the DSC Power 832 effectively requires a great deal of effort. At least one consumer complained that it took him three days to understand the unit.

Another common complaint was a lack of updated features. According to some who have used earlier versions of this system, the current model is not a substantial improvement over the previous model. While the DSC Power 832 is capable of interfacing with a personal computer, this is accomplished via an outdated serial port. One consumer complained that he “had to look high and low for a computer old enough to support DSC’s outdated system to load their ‘newest’ software.” It is odd that the company failed to provide the unit with a USB port which standard for all modern PCs.

View the DSC Power 832 Owners Manual for additional information.

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