DSC Envoy Security System Overview

The DSC Envoy home security system is a user-friendly wireless security system that also allows for family messaging and hands-free voice communication.   The perfect sized burglar alarm for an apartment or small to medium-sized house, the DSC Envoy security system offers quick installation as well as superior protection for you and your family.

DSC Envoy offers you the security of up to 32 wireless and 2 hardwired zones.  Sixteen wireless keyfobs are also possible with the flexible home security system.  Ease of use is a big part of why this security system is popular; it has 5 one-touch function keys, which can be programmed with up to 16 different options.  If you need help, the audio voice on the unit can prompt you through each feature that the system offers.  The backlit numeric keypad on the DSC Envoy makes it easy to read, and 3 LED indicators let you know when the security system is ready and armed.

For a family with pets, you can rest assured that your animals will not trigger the system:  the DSC Envoy security system is equipped with a wireless pet immune motion detector.  The system is set to let you know when changes occur; even if you are not at home, you can utilize the personal paging option so that you are paged the minute the system is disarmed or someone enters or exits the home.  We supervise your DSC Envoy security system continuously for radio frequency jamming, battery condition, system communication failures, tampering and zone faults, so that you know when there is a problem immediately. Our team will also dispatch rescue, police or fire emergency services to your home any time of the day or night as called for by the situation.

There are other convenient features that come with the DSC Envoy.  The security system comes with a family message center, alloying you to access your messages or change your message by using a touch-tone phone if you are away from home, or the console itself if you are at home.  The speaker has 3 adjustable volume levels, so you can make changes as needed.  Although there is a chime or voice message that will sound when doors and windows are opened and closed, it can be turned on or off with one button.  The ease of wireless keys allows you to set or disarm the system with the push of one button: other system functions can be added as you require. The system keeps track of the history of the 38 user access codes for you.

The DSC Envoy home security system provides you with the peace of mind that comes from the continual home alarm monitoring that is put in place with state of the art wireless security system technology.

View the DSC Envoy Owners Manual for additional information.

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