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Happy family after buying new house

Moving? Don’t Be A Statistic, Be Safe.

Moving can be a tedious project from start to finish. The stresses of moving can sometimes cause responsible adults to become careless and forget about the most important thing – being safe and protecting their belongings. Following these tips will …

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Home Security after a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters—hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and snow storms, can wreck havoc on your home, property, and lifestyle. These storms can be devastatingly damaging—separating family members, ruining whole neighborhoods, and unleashing panic in those in its path. While these catastrophes are unpredictable, …

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Smile, You’re on Dummy Candid Camera

You see them everywhere – video surveillance cameras keeping watch over intersections, shopping malls, banks and parking garages. Sometimes they catch the bad guys in the act, from running a red light to stealing a car. More often, the mere …

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