Ademco Lynx Wireless Security System Overview

The Ademco Lynx is a wireless home security system manufactured in Mexico under license and authority of Honeywell, Inc., one of the largest security and defense companies in the United States.  This particular home security system is quite user-friendly and easily installed; the control panel incorporates the functions of a siren, dialer and speakerphone, all of which is accessed and controlled from the standard numeric keypad. Featuring state-of-the-art security technology, the Ademco Lynx wireless home security system features a new voice prompt programming method that guides the user through the installation process, step-by-step. This allows even those with little or no experience in such installations to easily put the unit into place and configure it for their own needs and circumstances.

Ademco Lynx Features

The Ademco Lynx wireless home security system offers powerful features for the most demanding home security needs. Some of the features supported include:

  • 24 wireless zones of protection and one hardwired zone
  • Full 16-button keypad with easy to read LCD display and status LEDs
  • Lack of usage notification
  • Four wireless keys that don’t require zones
  • Real-time clock
  • Wall or optional desk-top mounting
  • 85db internal sounder with voice siren
  • Internal speaker and microphone
  • Eight user codes
  • 84 event log
  • Rechargeable battery backup
  • Scheduling
  • Voice siren
  • Speaks zone descriptors during programming

(See Ademco Lynx Manual for Full Features List)

In addition, the Ademco Lynx wireless home security system supports as many as eight X-10 devices. X-10 is the international standard for wireless operation of a range of home appliances, and has been recognized as being among the most reliable such protocols for over thirty years. This advanced home security system also supports 5804WATCH, a remarkable device that permits operation of the wireless Ademco Lynx security system from a wristwatch – thus eliminating the need to carry a separate control device.

Parents especially will appreciate the Ademco Lynx’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly control features. In addition to an automated “Follow Me” alarm and voice reminders, this home security system provides full voice response, a family message center which members of the household can use in order to record and access voice messages, and the unique Ademco Paging feature, which provides spoken notifications whenever someone enters of leaves the building – making it much easier for parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts. However, the motion detector will ignore the movements of anything under 40 pounds – meaning that alarms and alerts will not be constantly activated by the movements of pets.

Ademco Lynx Price is Affordable

The Ademco Lynx Wireless Home Security System has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $549.

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