ADEMCO 4110 Security System Overview

The Ademco 4110 Vantage Series Home Security System consists of a wall-mounted security control contained in a shoebox-sized, lockable metal cabinet that can readily be mounted against any wall. Powered by a microprocessor, the Ademco 4110 control can be accessed using a console that is equipped with a standard 12-key multifunction numeric keypad with LCD display. The Ademco 4110 security system allows for up to 6 wired zones in the home or place of business.

The Ademco 4110 control interface consists of a 21 terminal connector block, allowing for interface with peripherals that include a plug-in transformer, phone line, remote controls and external alarms. The central control is easily accessed and can be programmed from any remote control console. Because of the special memory storage function, the Ademco 4110 can be reprogrammed over and over again; however, this function also protects any current programming should there be a power failure.

The Ademco 4110 is fully compatible with, and communicates readily with any personal computer over standard phone lines; programming data can be uploaded and downloaded to such a modem-equipped PC as well (not currently compatible with the Macintosh OS).  Since only two commands are used – one for uploading and the other for downloading – communications between the Ademco 4110 and the PC are simple, and a complete security instruction set can be transferred in less than a minute.

Each of the six wired zones can be set up for any one of nine different functions, including Entry or Exit Burglary, Fire, 24 Hour Silent or Audible Alarms and Intruder.

There are some limitations to the Ademco 4110. Although programming will not be affected by a power outage, passive intrusion detectors and smoke detectors will not function in the absence of power unless some type of external backup is in place. Because some passive detectors operate with infrared light, they may also fail to provide warning if they have been blocked or tampered with. Alarms that are installed on floors other than those in which people are present may not be heard by those located on different levels. Honeywell, the manufacturer of the Ademco 4110, also advises consumers that telephone lines that are required for the transmission of alarm signals to a central monitor may be blocked if said lines are out of service or have been tampered with. Finally, any of the electronic components may be subject to failure, although Honeywell reports that such components are designed to last up to 20 years; regular system tests of the Ademco 4110 Home Security System are therefore strongly recommended.

View the Ademco 4110 Owners Manual for additional information.

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