Holiday Home Security Tips

Tips for Holiday Home Security

Nothing seems as cruel as having your home broken into during the holidays. Criminals are out there, however, looking for opportunities. While booby trapping your home is not as good a defense as it is in the movies, there are …

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Neighborhood crime watch program sign

How to Establish an Effective Neighborhood Watch Program

Keeping your home safe is easier when the environment around it is safe. A neighborhood watch helps look out for signs of trouble, and can prevent break-ins and theft by catching the criminals before they act. Forming a group can …

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Happy family after buying new house

Moving? Don’t Be A Statistic, Be Safe.

Moving can be a tedious project from start to finish. The stresses of moving can sometimes cause responsible adults to become careless and forget about the most important thing – being safe and protecting their belongings. Following these tips will …

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